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CMS 101: Choosing a Content Management System

Webinar Overview

How to Choose a CMSChoosing a CMS: Which One Is Right For You? goes over the features of benefits of a Content Management System. Many websites are now organized using a CMS which allows for great control and management of content without the need for everyone that works on the site to be technologically savvy. How do you know where to start and what to look for in a CMS?

This 30 minute video is a basic CMS 101 class for those looking to implement a CMS and want to learn where to get started:

  • What is a CMS?
  • What are the Benefits of a CMS?
  • What are the Drawbacks of a CMS?
  • Where do you Start?
  • CMS Options – Open Source vs Proprietary vs In-House
  • What to Look for in a CMS
  • SEO & Your CMS
  • Things to Consider
  • Online Resources AvailableJoin Jon Stroz as he goes over the basics for understanding a Content Management System, he will also show you what the Accella website backend looks like with WordPress.
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