Instagram’s Original API Sunsets on March 2, 2020; Learn How to Implement Instagram’s Basic Display API In Its Place

Original Instagram API Capabilities The original Instagram API was developed to allow 3rd party developers to interact with a user’s Instagram account.  This API allowed mobile apps and websites to perform the same actions users were already familiar with on … Continue reading

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Exporting Historical App Data From Google Analytics

As many of you app owners have probably heard, Google has shut down their Google Analytics SDK’s for mobile apps and will delete all historical data for apps after January 31st! If you want more information on their recommended migration … Continue reading

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CES 2020 Part 2: Simple Solutions, Connected Devices & Data Privacy

Day 2 was my final day at CES (Vegas and technology are a great combo, but it was time to get back to the grind). So I headed over to the Venetian to expand on my Day 1 adventures and … Continue reading

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Accella’s CES 2020 Recap: Part 1 with Accella President, Jason King

Over the past few years, connectivity and IoT have become increasingly more prevalent themes at the CES shows I’ve attended.  At CES 2020, the connected vision continues towards a path of everyday reality. Whether you’re looking at connected suitcases, mirrors, … Continue reading

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The #1 Task for Marketers in 2020 — Data Privacy

Today we’ll discuss data privacy, what marketers need to know, and three key areas to focus your efforts in 2020. Continue reading

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