Ever heard about those moving pictures in Harry Potter? Vivaloo and Accella teamed up to make that dream a reality.

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With the Vivaloo app, photographers can attach videos to photographs. Customers then aim their phones camera at the photo to initiate an augmented reality experience that then brings the image to life, showing the video on the screen in place to the still photograph.

vivaloo image
vivaloo image
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Vivaloo started with the idea of taking wedding photos to the next level by making them interactive. Pictures capture a moment in time, while videos bring that memory to life. Vivaloo combines the two to add a new dimension to wedding photography.

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In the vain of speeding development and working withvin a budget, Accella never likes to recreate the wheel. We are always looking to leverage pre-built technologies to help with scalability and stability of our products. For Vivaloo, Accella integrated with Metaio plugin to support the AR experience.